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I am anxious about tipping. Do you have a policy concerning this?

There is NO tipping at The Arbors. Once a year at holiday time, we welcome a contribution which is distributed among all employees.

Eventually I may need some personal assistance with bathing and similar tasks. Can this be provided by The Arbors?

Yes. We can arrange for personal care. Usually, this can be a person of your choice, at time of your choosing, for the length of time you require.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the responsibility of my medications. Could you handle this for me?

Yes. The Arbors is licensed to supervise medications. A small monthly fee is charged for this additional service.

Should I give up my car, is there transportation?

Complimentary car service to shopping, local malls, and local doctors appointments. Shared Ride Service is available, by appointment through Monmouth County for a nominal fee. Also, parking is available on-site, should you bring your car.

Are there any “extras” for which I will be financially responsible?

Yes. Telephone service is a requirement. Cable TV is optional. All rooms are equipped with a phone jack and cable outlet. Arrangements for these services are a personal matter.

I would enjoy having family and friends as my guests for meals occasionally. Since your dining room is not public, may I do this?

Yes. Guests are welcome at all meals for a modest charge.

At what times are meals served?

Coffee service begins at 7:15am. Breakfast is served at 8:30am. Lunch is served at 12:30pm. Dinner is at 6:00pm.

What about security?

There is someone either in the office, or “walking” the building 24 hours a day.

May I bring my pet?

Sorry. Because of guests’ allergies, pets are not allowed at The Arbors. We do allow pet visits. Therapy dogs visit also.

I understand that bedroom and bathroom linens are supplied and laundered by The Arbors. What about my personal items?

We have a Residents’ Laundry for your use. Should you not wish to do your own personal laundry, the office can make arrangements for this service.

If I’m “a bit under the weather”, may I have a tray in my room?

Of course you may. There is a minimal charge for this service.

The Arbors at Spring Lake
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